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Teen Mom Star, Amber Portwood, Opens Up About Opiate Addiction

  • Teen Mom Star, Amber Portwood, Opens Up About Opiate Addiction

    At one time or another we’ve all been guilty of indulging in questionable reality television series. One such show could include MTV’s Teen Mom, where teenage girls reveal their complications surrounding teenage pregnancy, and child rearing much too young. Amber Portwood looks back on her stardom in Teen Mom as a bitter reminder of when she was addicted to opiate prescription drugs. Like so many victims of opiate addiction, Amber was prescribed opiate medications for scoliosis, that she never went to officially check up on. However, her doctor prescribed her prescription opiates regardless, according to the Inquisitr. She recalls from that point her life revolved around taking drugs, she says, “I would stay up all day and all night taking drugs 24 hours, and then I would get so high that I’d forget that I took pills, and I’d take more. A whole script would be gone in less than a week. That’s 180 opiates.”

    Amber decided to serve a sentence that should have put her behind bars for five years, as opposed to completing her probation and attending drug rehabilitation. It’s well known among the addiction treatment industry that drug addicts must abandon their environments of abuse to kick the habit- perhaps this was Amber’s way of acknowledging that she wouldn’t be able to get clean without making a drastic change. The Teen Mom star commented that she is unable to watch herself on the show, because it reminds her the days she suffered from drug addiction.

    Amber’s instincts are correct. It only take 33 milliseconds of visual exposure to stimulus revolving around drug use to stir up old cravings and melancholy associated with drug use. She is quoted on the Inquisitr, “I can’t watch Teen Moom ‘cause I’m high the whole time. It wasn’t happy moments of my life at all. It’s like an alcoholic watching back in the day when they’re drunk.”

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