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Gender Specific Drug Rehabilitation for Women Is More Effective

  • Gender Specific Drug Rehabilitation for Women Is More Effective

    Recently the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIH) published a study supporting the notion that gender specific drug rehab for women is more effective than traditional co-ed rehabilitation. However, the important distinguisher that must be made is that traditional treatment is not inherently more effective, but that women tend to seek all-women programs for substance abuse. Conversely, women are reported to seek substance abuse treatment from their primary health providers, who are not equipped to effectively treat drug addiction and alcoholism. According to the NIH, women are less likely to abuse drugs, however women are also disinclined to seek rehabilitation treatment for substance abuse- despite the fact that they make up almost half of reported substance abusers.

    The NIH asserts that additional research efforts must be endeavored to fully understand the potential benefits of gender specific drug rehab for women. Women’s substance abuse problems tend to adversely affect their ability to function in more areas in life, as opposed to men’s substance abuse problems. Additionally, women often develop drinking problems later in life and are more readily exposed to debilitating effects of drinking faster than men are. The NIH reports that women “lose control over their drinking more quickly than men.”

    Some noted limitations to consider when talking about drug rehab for women is that women are more likely to encounter difficulties when funding drug rehabilitation treatment, as opposed to their male counterparts. Intense feelings of shame and embarrassment serve as a self-imposed barrier for some women that ultimately prevent them from seeking necessary substance abuse treatment. Anxiety and extreme depression also factor in to abnegated treatment that is either curtailed early, or not attempted at all.

    Recent conclusions regarding drug rehab for women state that gender specific programs benefit women more than men and those women who complete treatment are nine times less likely to relapse, as opposed to men, who are only three times less likely to experience relapses.

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