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Drug Rehab in New Hampshire

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Drug Rehab in New Hampshire

How Drug Rehab Can Change Your Life in the Blink of an Eye, in NH

The crazed drug epidemic in New Hampshire is effecting more than just drug addicts. The families of drug addicts are being torn apart as they try to convince their loved ones to get help. Sometimes family members and close friends don’t understand the absolute agony and the intense cravings of drug addiction, because they’ve never experienced it. Addiction forces you to lose sight of everything other than using drugs or alcohol; addiction ruins careers, family households, ambitions for the future, and strips substance abusers, drug addicts, and alcoholics of the ability to function normally. How many times have you told yourself that you’re going to quit, or get help? How many times have you been afraid of overdosing, or getting a bad batch?

Don’t let your life be ruled by addiction anymore. Drug addiction is treatable with drug rehab in New Hampshire. Our addiction counselors and classically trained medical professionals are no strangers to addiction. They’ve treated multitudes of victims struggling to overcome substance use disorders. But beyond that, some of our best addiction counselors, psychiatrists, and medical professionals were once our patients. At Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire you are always treated with respect, compassion, and as an individual. We understand what it is to overcome drug detox, alcohol rehab, and drug rehabilitation.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire specializes in treating the following cases of addiction and beyond:

  • Cannabinoid Addiction (Marijuana and Hashish)
  • Addiction to Stimulants (Cocaine, Crack, and Methamphetamines)
  • Opiate Addiction (Heroin, Vicodin, and Codeine)
  • Addiction to Prescription Medications (Xanax, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Valium, etc.)
  • Multiple Substance Abuse (Mixing Certain Drugs or Abusing Drugs and Alcohol)
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Addiction to Hallucinogens (LSD, PCP,
  • Ecstasy Addiction (MDMA and Molly)

Know What’s Holding You Back From Getting Help with Drug Rehab in New Hampshire

Get help today for drug rehab and call Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire - 302x200One of the most common reasons people suffering from substance use disorders and alcoholism don’t seek help is because they are afraid of going through the painful process of withdrawal. Withdrawal from some illicit substances and prescription medication cause chronic sickness and adverse bodily effects for days, and sometimes weeks. Common symptoms of withdrawal include:

Common effects of Drug withdrawal include:

  • Flu-like symptoms, that make you unwilling to get out of bed
  • Restless nights, and the inability to get enough sleep
  • Being in a constant state of discomfort
  • Uncomfortable mucus buildup
  • Sudden cold sweats
  • Unexplained hot flashes
  • A seemingly incurable stuffy head feeling
  • Heightened agitation, making everything hard to concentrate on
  • Deep depression that motivates you
  • Unexplained hand tremors and possible body convulsions
  • Unreasonable paranoia brought on from simple things
  • Debilitating anxiety
  • Unprompted nausea and vomiting
  • The unshakeable feeling of being alone; isolation

Another contributing factor delaying drug rehab treatment in New Hampshire is the denial of addiction right off the bat. Drug addicts and substance abusers often don’t realize that they have a problem with their abuse of drugs. Did you know that the state of New Hampshire is 26th in the nation for fatal deaths surroundings drugs? And the numbers continue to rise. Heroin addiction is becoming an epidemic, followed by the heels of prescription drug addiction. These two particular forms of illicit substances and narcotics develop tolerance in addicts and substance abusers quickly, forcing them to consume more and more to achieve the same effect. Are you one of them?

Know the difference between drug addiction and substance abuse. Drug addiction is a medically sanctioned disease, that causes specific biological deficiencies, adverse medical symptoms, and psychological imbalances. It’s not uncommon for a substance abuser to dismiss their drug use. Substance abusers typically partake in drug use during social events and start out small, and work their way up to hard drugs like heroin. Or gradually consume more and more alcohol as they develop a resistance to getting drunk. Understanding that substance abuse is the precursor, or first stage, of addiction is critical in preventing full blow drug addiction. Going to Drug Rehab, in New Hampshire is imperative in avoiding years of full blown drug addiction, and tens and thousands of dollars in intensive drug rehabilitation. Using drugs “just a little bit” is a grave cause for concern that often goes unnoticed.

Take Our 13 Question Assessment Test to See If You Could Be Suffering From Addiction, and Benefit from Drug Rehab in New Hampshire:

  1. Addiction treatment with drug rehab in New Hampshire is just around the corner with Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire - 300x217Do you frequently consider cutting down on your drug or alcohol intake, or do you make promises to only have “one hit” that turns into many?
  2. Are you irritable or defensive when you are questioned on the amount of time you spend getting high?
  3. Does your drug use often leave you in a state of guilt?
  4. Do you try to rationalize your drug use to justify it? Maybe you tell yourself, “I can stop anytime.” Or “If I only use one time today, then it’s okay to do it again tomorrow.”
  5. When you first wake up do your thoughts immediately go to getting high or using drugs?
  6. Have you, or your loved ones, noticed any dramatic changes in your behavior? Maybe you’re more depressed than usual, or maybe you become irritated at things that didn’t used to bother you before.
  7. Have your family, friends, or co-workers expressed their worry regarding the way you behave at home or work? Do you find your work more difficult to complete?
  8. Have you become disconnected from your friends or family members as a result of your frequent drug use?
  9. Have you been arrested, or harassed by law enforcement officials as a result of your drug use? Maybe in the form of a DUI, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, or theft charge.
  10. Have you considered getting professional help for your drug use, but decided against it?
  11. Do you have difficulty admitting that you have a problem with drugs to yourself or your loved ones?
  12. Do you worry about overdosing?
  13. Are you unsure how to reach out for help?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any one of these questions, you are an excellent candidate who can exponentially benefit from drug rehab in New Hampshire. If you answered “Yes” to more than one of these questions, you need to pick up the phone right now and give us a call. We will walk you through the winding road of drug rehab in New Hampshire, and get you the help you need today. Don’t wait to add to the drug mortality rate of New Hampshire. Did you know only 1 in 10 drug addicts get the help they need for drug addiction? Call today (603) 244-3372.

Imagine Your Life Without Drug Addiction. Get Help with Drug Rehab, in New Hampshire

Get help for drug addiction in drug rehab before its too late with Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire in NH - 302x230Imagine waking up to the world with bright opportunities ahead of you: the prospects of job promotions, finishing college, and marrying your dream honey. Raising a family, and going to sports games. Or maybe you just want the freedom to go where the wind takes you to pursue art, music, dance, or writing. Know that your ambitions and dreams for the future are possible if you find the inner strength to overcome drug addiction. You don’t have to do it alone. Drug Rehab New Hampshire is here for you every step of the way.

Our expert drug rehab professionals will teach you how to:

  • Cope with mental and emotional stress
  • Life management skills to effectively deal with the everyday stress of life
  • Overcome genetic predispositions to drug addiction and substance abuse
  • Develop communication techniques that will allow you to express yourself openly, and avoid pent up emotions that can cause abuse
  • Overcome traumatic events in your life that may be perpetuating your drug use
  • Use group therapy as a way to connect with your peers, and experience a wholesome healing experience with the people around you suffering from addiction
  • Stop blaming yourself for addiction- drug addiction is a disease that haunts millions in America alone
  • Get rid of old habits that allow drug addiction to continue
  • Avoid old environments of drug abuse, and cut off relationships to former drug associates and friends
  • Plan for the future: You get a chance to start over again after you conquer drug addiction, your life can be whatever you want it to be, and we’ll help you get there!

The Benefits of Going to Drug and Alcohol rehab New Hampshire, in NH

get affordable Drug rehab in New Hampshire with Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire - 302x192Knowing that there is a future beyond drug addiction is sometimes the only thing drug addicts need to hear. Some are trickier to convince. The death toll in New Hampshire is rising, specifically from the heroin epidemic plaguing the state with surprising severity. It can be just one overdose, just one hit too many, that ends your life (or the life of a loved one) before it’s too late to get help. Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire always have the best interests of their clients in mind. We take a personal stake in the continued health and longevity of all of our patients in drug rehab, in New Hampshire. Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire takes a comprehensive approach in redressing the debilitating disease of drug addiction. We offer clients intensive one-on-one therapy, group counseling, and family therapy to decrease the chances of relapse.

Avoiding relapse is a cornerstone of effective drug rehab. Relapse describes a set back in treatment, or in other words, when a recovering victim of a substance use disorder uses drugs again. At Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire, relapse is not the end of your treatment success. We consider relapse to be a human occurrence that can be learned from and addressed, to ensure that it never happens again. You are not judged on your failures, but your willingness and determination to press on in drug rehab spite of setbacks.

In intensive therapy our expert addiction therapists and psychiatrists break the chains of addiction that rule your life. You will learn to identify compulsive behavior, and effectively use healthy, alternative methods to break the cycle of addiction, forever. One-on-one therapy gives you the freedom to confront your inner demons that have caused you to seek escape in drugs. The objective of drug rehab is to ensure that you learn the nature of addiction and how it affects you uniquely. Addiction is a different experience for everyone. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment. It’s our job to take care of you while you cope with the reality of overcoming drug addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire Offer the Following Treatment Programs:

  • Drug rehab in new Hampshire is easy with Drug and Alcohol Rehab New HampshireInpatient Medical Detox: The initial purging of addictive substances before admission into drug rehab. In the event of relapse, patients will be required to go through detoxification again. The medical detoxification process addresses the initial illnesses caused by withdrawal.
  • Intensive Inpatient Drug Rehab: IPP treatment is offered at our 24/7 monitored facility. Patients will begin intensive one-on-one therapy to begin to identify the reasons why they abuse drugs. Medical addiction specialists are available around the clock to treat any lingering signs of withdrawal.
  • Inpatient Drug Rehab: IP drug rehab consists on intensive therapy, group therapy, and holistic healing sessions including meditation, yoga, and acupuncture. During IP treatment patients will learn how to relinquish old habits of abuse, and find healthy alternatives to fight the cravings of drug addiction.
  • Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab: IOP treatment gives patients the freedom to return home after treatment each day, but requires patients to attend treatment at our facility 5-7 days a week. Patients will continue intensive therapy to work on resolving the lingering habits of addiction.
  • Outpatient Drug Rehab: OP treatment programs give patients the most freedom to actively apply the life management skills and coping techniques learned in intensive drug rehab. Recovering patients are required to attend therapy and medical assessments at our treatment facility 3-5 times a week. Outpatient therapy gives patients the chance to transition to independent living with the support of our medical and psychiatric professionals at their fingertips.
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs: Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire is equipped to treat all types of patients suffering from drug addiction, and that includes dual diagnosis patients, who suffer from drug addiction and mental disabilities.
  • Sober Living Communities: Perhaps the most freeing and gratifying form of treatment; sober living communities give patients the ability to live independently with the support of peers close at hand. Residents frequently establish lifelong relationships with people living in residential communities, because they learn to overcome the struggles of battling addiction after drug rehab together. It can be lonely after you relinquish all of your connections to drug users, who may have been your only friends. Sober living communities ensure that you’re never far from a friend, and offer drug testing to help you stay on the path of sobriety. Therapy and 12 step programs (like NA and AA) are encouraged for residents.

At Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire We Offer:

  • 24/7 Medical and Psychiatric Monitoring
  • Medically Assisted Drug Treatment to Prevent Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Individualized Treatment Programs to Treat Your Specific Level of Addiction
  • Continual Access to Gourmet Food and Speciality Beverages
  • Lush Outdoor Amenities: Movies Under the Stars, Weekly Barbecues
  • Private Bedrooms Furnished with Netflix & Xbox Consoles
  • Full Service Spa and Salon Services
  • Upscale, Privately Enclosed, Resort-Like Accommodations
  • Free Internet Access
  • 100% Treatment Financing Available
  • Healing Group Therapy
  • Extensive Lifestyle Coaching
  • Tranquil Environment of Healing

What You Need to Do to Enroll in Drug Rehab, in NH

Call Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire today for more information on drug rehab treatment in new hampshire - 302x260If you are a victim of heroin use because you became addicted to a prescription drug prescribed to you, you are not alone. 6 million people in America suffer from prescription drug addiction, and many of those victims transition from abusing prescription drugs to using deadly heroin. Don’t become a victim of a fatal overdose. Don’t wait to get the help you need today. Taking chances with your life, or the life of your loved ones, is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. You will regret it for life. Call Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire today to get the help you so desperately need to overcome drug addiction, (603) 244-3372.

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