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New Hampshire Scraps Bill that Would Have Decriminalized First Time Marijuana Offenses

  • New Hampshire Scraps Bill that Would Have Decriminalized First Time Marijuana Offenses

    New Hampshire Scraps Bill that Would Have Decriminalized First Time Marijuana Offenses

    To the New Hampshire senate it seemed like a good idea to disable House Bill 618. The House bill would have made it possible for first time marijuana offenses to be decriminalized.

    “I do not need to remind you of the people in our lives who have been affected by addictions, as there is not a person in this chamber, or in the balcony or listening online who has not had some sort of impact,” says Senator Sharon Carson, who vehemently opposed the bill, as reported by the Concord Monitor.

    Her approach to the situation sounds innocent and in favor of the better good of the people, but some evidence shows that her opinion on the decriminalization of the prized drug is not as compassionate as it seems to be.

    To make the criminalization of marijuana a favorable cause, people would have to be opposed to marijuana use. There’s not that many people out there these days that would be against using marijuana, now that there are proven medicinal purposes. Marijuana has gained a more educated and more amenable fan-base. Although there are brutal criminal justice penalties in place, about a year of jail time and a thousand dollars in damages, New Hampshire happens to be in the top seven states in the U.S. has an abundance of marijuana use.

    The problem with the new found acceptance of marijuana use is the dismissal of potential dangers revolving the substance.

    The goal of the senate is for them to sound compassionate, but if giving drug users a case and a record is compassionate then decriminalizing marijuana use would be the worst idea ever. No one benefits from putting people in jail for using ganja. In a study performed by the ACLU, New Hampshire taxpayers blew beyond $6 million administering laws concerning marijuana in 2010. The African American community in New Hampshire also does not benefit from being prosecuted for the possession of marijuana. Another study conducted by the ACLU proved that African Americans are 2.6 times more probable to get arrested for possession than Caucasians in New Hampshire. People who get arrested for possession definitely don't benefit from being prosecuted, compassion is obviously unachievable in this situation.

    These punishments are supposed to ward marijuana users away from smoking, but hey who’s going to stop getting high? Apparently the residents of New Hampshire do not take these laws very seriously, they're going to do what they want and smoke maryjane if they want. Some will get caught and others won't, this law essentially changes nothing.

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