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New Hampshire Funds Drug Treatment Cuts Costs

  • New Hampshire Funds Drug Treatment Cuts Costs

    New Hampshire Funds Drug Treatment Cuts Costs

    Lance Alonardo was a heroin addict who finally sought out help at 26 years old. When he reached out for assistance his road to recovery came to a screeching halt. In Franklin, New Hampshire, a state funded drug rehab facility had an extensive waiting list because unfortunately the facility only had 13 beds and they were all occupied. The wait for an available bed would be a month or longer, according to the Concord Monitor.

    For three weeks while still using heroin, Alonardo called the treatment center on a daily basis to check the status of a pending bed. Alonardo says that many people don't seek help and that it would beneficial that if and when they do request assistance, someone should be there in rapid response. Inadequate treatment capacity is one of the main reasons why there are so many heroin related deaths in New Hampshire, there isn't a place where addicts could receive immediate help.

    According to a Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality report, conducted in 2011, New Hampshire is ranked the second worst state to receive substance rehabilitation treatment in.

    It is almost impossible to be treated because there are more users seeking guidance than there are beds provided. According to the health services in New Hampshire addiction treatment centers did not have the ability to admit every addicts in need of help. Since then, the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services have networked with rehab centers around the state to secure grant programs for those who cannot finance their own addiction treatment.  Unfortunately, limited resources were not enough to extend the program's life for long.

    Although there are not yet any big changes to treatment facilities, there is room in the budget to make drastic improvements. New Hampshires Medicaid resolution accompanied by the Affordable Care Act are ways the state is acquiring some additional funds to pay for prevention and recovery services. The state budget is also being changed to accommodate solving the issues of substance abuse along with alcohol addiction treatments.

    If you know someone who is having trouble with their addiction and seeking assistance contact Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Hampshire or call their 24/7 help hotline at (603)244-3372 for immediate assistance.


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