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Heroin Continues to Prevail in New Hampshire

  • Heroin Continues to Prevail in New Hampshire

    Heroin Continues to Prevail in New Hampshire

    The New Hampshire heroin pandemic continues to rapidly grow. It almost seems like heroin is a household name, accounting for how popular it is throughout the state, says  WMUR 9 ABC.

    A leading cause in the awareness of heroin, Jack Wozmak, is one advocate fighting against the spreading of the drug and gaining help for addicts. He accounts on how the drug makes its way to New Hampshire: its first move is to cross the Mexican Border, then continues a long journey where it’ll make three to six stops to get separated and packaged again. Following each stop the heroin makes it gets disheveled and impaired. The distributors know the changes that occur within the drug, so in turn they add other dangerous drugs to the substance to make it stronger.

    Wozmak said, “ Additions like fentanyl, cleaning chemicals, talcum powder -- anything that might look passable that could change the characteristics of heroin,” as quoted by WMUR 9 ABC.

    Wozmak is the drug czar for New Hampshire, he supervises the education and prevention of illicit drugs in communities throughout the state. Wozmak has been in contact with officials all over the state and invited them to take part in a discussion. The main statement was that the time for talking is over, it’s time for action. This is a true clause, in light of the fact waiting and talking only results in more addicts and even preventable overdoses.

    Jack conducted interviews with more than ten addicts who attested to having up to twelve people whom they share their addiction with. Heroin has become such a big deal in New Hampshire some people use it to pay their bills and buy food. Heroin is so ample that anyone looking for a fix could walk out of their front door and purchase in over eight nearby places.


    If you are aware of anyone facing addiction and in need of assistance please contact Drug and Alcohol New Hampshire or call their 24/7 help hotline.

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